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What is Economy-as-a-Service or EAAS?

June 25, 2020 2 minutes  • 303 words

The internet has allowed software to be accessed remotely leading to different kinds of services:

  • Software as a service or SaaS: these are software that is accessed over the internet. Examples are Google Docs, HR apps, Online accounting software
  • Platform as a service or PaaS: these are online platforms that allow software or services to be built on them. Examples are Heroku, Engine yard, Appfog
  • Infrastructure as a service or IaaS: these are comupter infrastructure that can be accessed online. Examples are AWS, Google Cloud, Azure
  • Fintech service: these are financial services that have payment gateways and storage of money or assets. Examples are Apple pay, GCash, Paymaya, etc.
  • Messaging service. Examples are Messenger, Whatsapp, Zalo
  • Video conferencing service. Examples are Zoom, Skype

Supereconomics adds to this innovation by creating Economy-as-a-Service. This has all the features of a resource allocation system:

It’s most similar to PaaS in the sense that you can build an economic service on top of EaaS. It can connect to Fintech services to facilitate the money-part of an economy.

Like Shopify, it can allow people to deploy their business online. But unlike Shopify, EaaS allows non-commercial transactions via points or barter.

Like Facebook, it can allow people to communicate with each other. But unlike Facebook, the interactions are hyperlocal, administered by a local person or organization who can weed out fake news.

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