True Economic Democracy

True Economic Democracy

Pantrypoints implements trisactions in order to create an Economy-as-a-Service or EaaS platform to facilitate True Economic Democracy

Introducing Tri-sactions

Trisactions allow money, moneyless, or metaverse transactions in order to allow the economy to run under any social conditions, allowing true economic freedom

1: Moneyless

Moneyless transactions use stored-value barter which we call ‘bardits’ (barter-credits). These are measured in points which are pegged to grains. This implements the grain-based valuation in The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith

2: Money

‘Money points’ allow money to pay for the moneyless transactions via cash or cashless banking apps of the fiat economy

3: Metaverse

The points can be converted to Pantry Coins to allow regulated transactions from the Metaverse via Ethereum. This is useful for cross-border transactions

The Points Economy

Unlike fiat money which is an arbitrary store of value, points are pegged to rice or grains. This allows easier points-taxation, points-accounting and analytics, while eliminating the need for currency exchange.

Loyalty Points

These are points given by businesses to their customers to incentivize repeat purchases. This is used to ’train’ people in the use of points

Donation Points

These are points used for donations and relief. We use this primarily to incentivize food rescue and plastic waste collection to realize a moneyless circular economy

Exchange Points

These are points for barter transactions. Unlike social points which do not seek something in return, trade points do. This is the foundation of Points-banking

Investment Points

These are trade points designed to spur investments when money is lacking. This requires the other point-types to be working beforehand.

Insurance Points

These are trade points for long term claim, upon old age. We implement this as social insurance in case money-based insurance becomes oppressive

Energy Points

These are trade points for electricity, usually from biomass sources. This incentivizes waste segregation and is part of the circular economy

Money Points

These are trade points paid in money to reduce existing trade points balance

Tax Points

These are points given by businesses to their customers to incentivize repeat purchases. This is used to ’train’ people in the use of points

How it Works

Post your item using a points price instead of a money price
Meetup with the buyers of your item
Pay in points, cash, cashless, or ethereum, depending on availability

Current Implementations

The Pantrypoints system is currently being tested by the following

SCENAC is testing Point Cards as a moneyless social insurance system

Las Pinas
Angel's Shelter
Angel's Shelter

Angel’s Shelter is an animal shelter that uses Pantrypoints Build to get moneyless donations

Binan Laguna
Savilas Vietnam
Savilas Vietnam

Savilas is a new seafood buyer testing exports via Pantrypoints World

Ho Chi Minh
Food Rescue Philippines
Food Rescue Philippines

Food Rescue Philippines is a volunteer group that will test Pantrypoints Circle for incentivizing food donations


Facilitates Economy as a Service (EaaS)

Pantrypoints and Pantrypreneur make up our Economy as a Service system that allows it to integrate with the current money-system.

Pantrypoints allows points-transaction between independent users.

Pantrypreneur digitizes common business operations to increase efficiency and funnel productivity towards the Pantrypoints system


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