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Trisactions Subsystems

Here are the subsystems for Pantrypoints Trisactions

Trisactions →
Pantrypoints implements trisactions in order to create an Economy-as-a-Service or EaaS platform
Pantrypoints Banking
Pantrypoints Banking →
Pantrypoints Banking is a low-cost moneyless banking system that circulates the economy unserved by the financial system
Pantrypoints Circle
Pantrypoints Circle →
Pantrypoints Circle implements Urban Subsistence Farming and Food Rescue in order to realize the circular economy
Pantrypoints City
Pantrypoints City →
Pantrypoints City is the platform for hyperlocal trisactions in the city
Pantrypoints Health
Pantrypoints Health →
Diet-Disease Reference is a reference app that allows the five health paradigms of Western Medicine, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Naturopathy, and Homeopathy
Pantrypoints Invesure
Pantrypoints Invesure →
Pantrypoints Invesure facilitates moneyless investment and insurance within the Pantrypoints system through Investment and Insurance Points
Pantrypoints World
Pantrypoints World →
Pantrypoints World is an import-export platform that allows local currency or barter
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