Convenient Taxation

Convenient Taxation

Pantrypoints Tax is our implementation of Adam Smith's taxation system described in The Wealth of Nations, designed to make governments wealthy while being easy on the people

Only 3 tax classes

Taxes on Fixed Capital

These include rent taxes: immovables, estate taxes, corporate income, dividends, percentage tax. The rent taxes counteract the natural idleness from wage taxes

Taxes on Circulating Capital

These include profit taxes: sales taxes, VAT, GST, customs duties, capital gains, etc. The profit taxes counteract the rent-seeking behavior from rent taxes

Taxes on Personal Capital

Wage and Payroll taxes. Wage taxes counteract the natural oligarchy tendency from profit taxes

How it Works

Avail of goods and services listed in Pantry
You will incur a tax debt for your purchase which can be paid in money or kind
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Based on the requirements in Book 5, Chapter 2 of the Wealth of Nations

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