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Here are the Services that Pantrypoints facilitates

Build Package
Build Package →
We build the online presence -- website, web app, social media, SEO -- for your businesses with minimal money-cost
Point Cards
Point Cards →
Pantrypoints Cards are the offline bardit system that combines barter and credit
ISAIAH Match →
ISAIAH Match is our personality matching system for education, jobs, products, fake news, and relationships, as a part of a new morality-based socio-economic system
Pantrylitics →
Pantrylitics provides real-time analytics for the Pantrypoints System
ISAIAH Predict
ISAIAH Predict →
ISAIAH Predict is the social prediction tool of Pantrypoints System that uses Supersociology
Points Taxation
Points Taxation →
Pantrypoints Tax is our implementation of Adam Smith's taxation system described in The Wealth of Nations, designed to make governments wealthy while being easy on the people
XCoins and Coin-Easing
XCoins and Coin-Easing →
XCoins connect Pantrypoints to the Metaverse and facilitates Pantrypoints World
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