Introducing Tri-sactions

Trisactions allow money, moneyless, or metaverse transactions in order to allow the economy to run under any social conditions, allowing true economic freedom

1: Moneyless

Moneyless transactions use stored-value barter measured in points which are pegged to grains. This implements the grain-based valuation mentioned in The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith

2: Money

‘Money points’ allow money to pay for the moneyless transactions via cash or cashless banking apps of the fiat economy

3: Metaverse

The points can be converted to Pantry Coins to allow regulated transactions from the Metaverse via Ethereum. This is useful for cross-border transactions and our proposed ‘crypto-easing’ (our alternative to quantitative easing)


Here are the cities where we are prototyping our system. Feel free to add your city by registering in the waitlist.

How it Works

Post your item using a points price instead of a money price
Meetup with the buyers of your item
Pay in points

For Community, Conglomerates, and Citizens

The Pantrypoints system covers the whole economy, even world trade and taxation

Community Pantrypoints and Business Pantrypoints implement Trisactions through Pantrypoints City
What are Trisactions?
Pantrypreneur is a platform for micro and small businesses to get used to trisactions
What is Pantrypreneur?
Services build the Pantrypoints economy at a low cost
What services are offered?

Originally Built by the Inca

The Inca made a large scale moneyless, paperless economic system that used hyperlocal warehouses to store resources, and strings to record data. The Spanish destroyed it and replaced it with the current crisis-prone money-based system.

Read how the Inca system worked

Steady Progress

Unlike the money system that has booms and busts, Pantry has steady growth despite crises, because it goes with Nature and not against it
As of December 2022
< 1,000
Registered Users
As of December 2022


I very much like this work: A Research Proposal For The Formalization Of The Science Of Supereconomics And The Establishment Of A Point-Based Economic System

I believe it is developing into a worthwhile project

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