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About Us

Pantrypoints Technologies is a small dedicated team specializing in transitioning the money system into the points system

Our History

The Financial Crisis

The Financial Crisis hits worldwide

Research begins

We begin our own research on solutions to crises after failing to get research support

Python Flask

We start prototyping the solution in Python Flask in preparation for a 2019 Stagflation Crisis

Rails and Javascript

Feature creep forces us into Rails and later React


We drop React and React Native and switch to Flutter Android without iOS to reduce costs. Our first app is a barter platform for students with language exchange as the main category.

The Crisis Arrives

The crisis finally arrives thanks to Covid. We drop Rails and switch to Phoenix to further reduce costs


We use the crisis to move businesses online and into our trisactions system to prove that our system can alleviate the crisis that it was designed for. We successfully test barter-credits (bardits) for food to address food inflation

Future Focused

We use new technologies that match the needs of scalability (performance), flexibility (no vendor lock-in), and maintainability (low cost). We are not enterprise at all.

Static Websites and SEO

Web Apps and API

Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Mobile Android

AWS, GCP,, Gigalixir

Machine Learning


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Business Development

Sales, Marketing, Social Media

Start Building the Digital Presence of Your Business

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