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Pantrypoints Banking Bank the Unbanked

Pantrypoints Banking is a low-cost moneyless banking system that circulates the economy unserved by the financial system

Based on the requirements in the Wealth of Nations

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Inspired by the Moneyless, Paperless system of the Inca

Points-banking allows the regulated transfer of points between users

Moneyless Ok!

Points Banking allows economies to work even after a total financial collapse


Parties keep their own information, preventing info asymmetry


Points Banking does not use blockchain and can work offline, just as the Inca were offline


Parties do not need to fulfill their part immediately

Cost Effective

Points Banking can be deployed on the cloud to reduce costs

Integrates with Taxation

Points Banking will integrate with Pointtax to allow tax payments in kind

How it Works


Top 5 in the Fintech Edition as Debt Clearing System

Startup Weekend Cambodia 2017

2nd Place as Social ROSCA

Infinity Blockchain Labs Nationwide Vietnam Blockathon 2017

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