Analytics for Pantrypoints

Analytics for Pantrypoints

Real-time Analytics for the Pantrypoints System

Nowcasting the Global Supereconomics

Pantrylitics is the machine learning system for the Pantry Network

Local Trade

See the supereconomy of each city in real-time

External Trade

Know which commodities are actively being trade in Pantrypoints World

Clearing Funds

Check the investment rates for each commodity and connect to Pantrypoints Invest

External Trade Data via Pantrypoints World

World Pantrylitics shows what foreign commodities are being bought and sold between participating countries. This will prevent speculation and currency fluctuations

Compared to free international convertibility of currencies, Pool Clearing offers at least one outstanding advantage: its inner mechanism tends to overcome temporary disequilibrium situations in international exchange by expansion instead of restriction. The buyer is given the first move in the game.
EF Schumacher
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Local Trade Data via Pantrypoints City

Pantrylitics shows the trade being generated in each city: services, products, real estate, etc. This helps people know where goods and services are lacking or overabundant

The foreign trade of consumption will only give half the encouragement to national industry as the home trade, even if its returns were as quick as the home-trade.
Adam Smith

Clearing Fund Data

Clearing Fund Pantrylitics shows the clearing fund rates for various commodities in each Pantrypoints City and in Pantrypoints World. This will allow people to invest directly in productive labor

The International Clearing Office—in this connection—does not require any special powers. It is not an agency for control. It is a purely administrative body, the central accounting office for the different National Clearing Funds
EF Schumacher
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Implements the Physiocrats’ Economic Table

Pantrylitics traverses the trisactions ledger in order to create a real-time ’economic table’ of the local economy

Quesnay’s Economic Table shows how this system distributes the total produce of the land among the three classes, and how the labour of the unproductive class only replaces the value of its own consumption without increasing value of that total
Adam Smith

Based on the requirements in Book 1, Chapter 11 of the Wealth of Nations

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