The Resilient, Smart City

The Resilient, Smart City

Pantrypoints City is the platform for hyperlocal trisactions in the city

The Resilient City

Pantrypoints City unifies society-data to make cities resilient to natural and man-made crises

Basic Universal Revenue and Disaster Recovery

Provide relief faster and more sustainably than Basic Universal Income

Points Taxation

Pay taxes in kind when cash is short


Should city hall be in yellow or white? Vote for local issues

Local Transportation Routes

View public transportation routes, like a bus map

Permit and Issue Tracking

Is your complaint laying idle at city hall? Check the tracker


Compare and contrast utility providers to get the best deal


Find or post jobs in your city


Look for sellers who allow trisactions (money, moneyless, metaverse)

Public Transporation Map

Know the bus and train routes and schedules


Find events in your city


Find education or training that allows trisactions

Real Estate Rentals

Rent in money, moneyless, or metaverse

How it Works

Register in the waitlist app and indicate your city
We’ll inform you when the app will be ready for your city
Use the app for transactions with or without money

Based on the requirements in Book 5, Chapter 2 of the Republic

Read the requirements


Top 5 ULI Urban Innovation Challenge 2019

Top 10 U:Hack 2019


You might be interested to make a city-centric problems & solutions voting.. transparency in citizens votes per problem can help a lot in lost time/money

Here’s what I want in a London app - shared bikes locator, quirky facts, history, council tax.

I’d like the following services: apartment rent pricing in different regions, events where cool people gather, local transportation, fresh food and supermarkets!

Starting with helping owners file their property taxes more efficiently would be HUGE. Helping people find parking would be HUGE.

‘This is a very interesting concept. One thing you cannot neglect is the legal system. For this to become internationally adopted, I believe you’re going to have to propose a movement towards a universal law system (which I support)’

‘I love the idea of streamlining and improving governmental processes.’

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