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Pantrypoints City The Resilient, Smart City

Pantrypoints City is the platform for hyperlocal trisactions in the city

Based on the requirements in Book 5, Chapter 2 of the Republic

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The Resilient City

Pantrypoints City unifies society-data to make cities resilient to natural and man-made crises

Local transportation routes

View public transportation routes, like a bus map

Utilities via Energy Points

Compare and contrast utility providers to get the best deal


Find or post jobs in your city


Look for sellers who allow trisactions (money, moneyless, metaverse)


Find events in your city

How it Works


Top 5 ULI Urban Innovation Challenge 2019

Urban Land Institute Philippines

Top 10 U:Hack 2019



You might be interested to make a city-centric problems & solutions voting.. transparency in citizens votes per problem can help a lot in lost time/money

I'd like the following services: apartment rent pricing in different regions, events where cool people gather, local transportation, fresh food and supermarkets!

Starting with helping owners file their property taxes more efficiently would be HUGE. Helping people find parking would be HUGE.

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