Towards Health Democracy

Towards Health Democracy

Diet Disease Reference is a disease reference app that is based on both Alternative Medicine and Western Medicine

Five paradigms are better than one

Diet Disease Reference implements Medical Superphysics to use the 5 major medical belief-systems to solve diseases

Western Medicine

Western Medicine focuses on chemical cures


Ayurveda is based on the princples of vata, pitta, kapha

Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine is based on the metaphysical life force called chi


Naturopathy is based on acidic-alkaline and natural cures


Homeopathy uses like properties to cure like diseases

How it Works

Browse the disease reference to know more about the symptoms and known treatments
Learn about the natural remedies for your chosen disease
Browse the healthcare providers and food sellers for your health problem

Based on the requirements in Book 3, Chapter 3 of the Republic

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It’s exactly what we are promoting in our wellness center – a holistic health system!

I appreciate the effort and love you put in this vision.

Let’s Prevent Diseases!