The Circular Economy. In Points.

The Circular Economy. In Points.

Pantrypoints Circle implements Urban Subsistence Farming and Food Rescue in order to realize the circular economy

No Money? No Job? No Problem!

Pantry Circle will help the unemployed and unbanked get access to food through their local community

For the Unemployed

Avoid hunger by doing something useful for your community

For Restaurants and Food Retailers

Get non-monetary incentives for giving away food waste

For Urban and Rural Farmers

Get compost in exchange for excess harvest

For Recyclers

Get more recyclable material at lower cost

For Government

Provide welfare for the poor at a much lower cost and get data quickly

Implements Food Rescue, Kitchen Waste Rescue, and Plastic Waste Rescue

We rescue edible food, kitchen waste, and plastics in order to put them where they produce value to society instead of producing waste and pollution

What Goes Around Comes Around

The transactions in Pantrypoints Circle creates a ‘social memory’ where the system points out the help done by users in the past

Based on the requirements in Book 1, Chapter 8 of the Wealth of Nations

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Nice work. This is a BIG topic, super important and love that you’re tackling it. I’m on the same wavelength.
This is great. You should partner up with MEANS database which does something similar with food pantries.

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