'Bardit' Cards for Offline Use

'Bardit' Cards for Offline Use

Bardit cards combine barter and credit without interest rates

Bardit = Barter + Credit

Bardit allows any 2 parties to create value


Money is not essential nor critical to Points Cards


Parties dictate their own prices relative to rice or grains


Parties can pay in goods, services, or money

Natural KYC

Knowing your customer is done through natural meetups instead of through artificial technology

How it Works

Get 2 points cards and fill them with the details of the other person
Meet up with that person and fill up the details of both cards with the actual transaction
Give the other card to the other person as his proof of the transaction. Repeat the process in a future transaction to clear the barter debt

Based on the requirements in the Wealth of Nations

Read the requirements

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