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ISAIAH Match Not Just for Matchmaking

ISAIAH Match is our personality matching system for education, jobs, products, fake news, and relationships, as a part of a new morality-based socio-economic system

Match allows robust, granular, yet efficient personality profiling that is physically verifiable


Myers-Briggs has 4 dimensions


Match has 10 -- The job applicant answers fewer questions than Myers-Briggs, but reveals much more information

IBM Personality Insights

IBM Personality Insights has too many

Matchmaking isn't just for relationships

ISAIAH's 'skills' can help solve chronic problems in society that are unsolved by science


Have you ever hired the wrong employee? Getting the wrong person for the job could be very costly


Are you sure you're studying the course that's best for you? Get it right with Match

Health Risk

Is your current personality matching you with a future diabetes at 40? Know your future health risks before you end up with them


We automate the traditional matchmaker with machine learning


Reduce the chance of criminal behavior in your event or organization

How it Works


Amazing progress! I really liked how you turned a theory into a product offering. Keep up the good work!

I'm a long time Myers Briggs (ENTJ) and Enneagram (9) fan so love this stuff

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