News about Pantrypoints

New Partners

We welcome Food Rescue Philippines and Savilas Vietnam into the Pantrypoints system

Pantry Rewards

We deployed Pantry Rewards as Elivirs Rewards for a new restaurant in Quezon City Philippines

New Partners

We welcome Elivir's and Scanner into the Pantrypoints system

New Partners

We welcome Matayog, Neoholistic Yoga, Food for All, Angel's Shelter into the Pantrypoints system

Pantrypoints at Hack4Food

Pantrypoints was at Hack4Food Online

Pantrypoints @ Fishackathon

We submitted our entry to the Fishackathon 2022 as Pantry Points

Pantry Govern @ Impacthub Smart Cities

We joined Impacthub Smart Cities to pitch Pantry Govern

Moneyless Banking @ Impacthub 2050

We made it to the Top 10 of Impacthub 5G Agriculture Challenge

Name change and site upgrade: 'Social Resource Allocation' is now 'Pantrypoints'!

We change from Social Resource Allocation into Pantrypoints. This is in line with our mega-overhaul that began in April 2021