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Pantry Govern @ Impacthub Smart Cities

December 11, 2021 2 minutes  • 378 words
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We joined Impacthub Smart Cities to pitch the last part of the Pantry system – Pantry Govern.

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From the event, we were able finalize the features :

  1. Permit and Issue tracking
  2. Local transportation routes map
  3. Local News (as Pantry Beacon)

This completes all the platforms and features of the Pantry system. Because we didn’t get support back in 2016, development progressed very slowly. It came too late for the crisis that we predicted in 2019 which turned out to be Covid-19.

But will it be ready for the coming currency crisis? We’ll tell you when it happens!

Impact hackathon problems:

  1. A digital solution that tracks household’s energy consumption per hour, day, week or month and calculates the electrical cost of various home appliances and devices.
  2. A mobile app that indicates pollution levels in the area with an interactive map and information on potential health risks
  3. A smart waste collection system that enables households to segregate their solid waste and schedule a waste pickup request to the local authorities.
  4. A mobile-based dashboard and monitoring tool that allows farmers to keep track of soil parameters and control farming activities like irrigation, fertilization, crop harvest, etc. for better yields.
  5. An automated irrigation system
  6. A web- or mobile-based calculator for water treatment, wastewater inflow, hydraulics, volume, flow and pressure conversion, tank capacity estimator, etc. for smarter wastewater management.
  7. intelligent transportation system to improve the quality of transportation with real-time parking management, emergency vehicle notification systems, collision avoidance systems.
  8. A mobile app that allows users to find physicians in the area, know their specializations, clinic addresses, and patient check-up schedules + ability to book appointments and pay digitally.
  9. Municipal waste analytics for identifying waste to energy sites
  10. predictive modeling of harvest
  11. managing city services
  12. tech solution to capture city metabolism (resource generation vs usage)
  13. How to rebuild food supply chain disrupted by the pandemic for low income people
  14. Give small famers and fishers access markets and bridge the disconnected value chain
  15. Ease transport of food between islands
  16. Real time access to vegetable prices for farmers
  17. Real time farm tourism app
  18. Digital delivery and storage for farmers and fishers
  19. Farm management app


Date .
February 2023 Instead of a currency crisis, it turned out to be the FTX collapse and the banking crisis
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