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Flutter Sound Null Safety Simplified

June 25, 2020 1 minutes  • 147 words
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Flutter enforced Sound Null Safety earlier this year from Dart 2.12 which forced all data types to have some data.

Adding a ? after the datakind will allow that datakind to have nothing (null values). datakind? variable = ..

? can be null !

Not Null Safe Null Safe
String variable = null; String? variable = null;
variable.length; variable?.length;

Convert Non-Nullable to Nullable

String ---> String?


void getItem(String? item) {
	if (item == null) return;

String item = "ball";
String? newItem = item;

Convert Nullable to Non-Nullable

String? item = null;

# check null before converting to non-nulablle
if (item != null) {
  String newItem = item;

# fallback to default value if null
String newItem = item ?? 'ball';

# convert to not nullable (!????) 
String newItem = item!;

# use late with initState
late String item;
void initState
  item = 'ball';
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