The Maximized Farming System

The Maximized Farming System

Pantrypreneur Farm is a management app for a 'Maximum Farm'

An App for your Maximum Farm

Pantrypreneur Farm lets you manage your farm to keep it maximized using crop-combinations, organic fertilizers, sound, and the Pantrypoints system.

Crop Combinations

Find the optimum crop combination for your mixed plots

Sound IoT

Grow your crops with sound

Points Compensation System

Maximum Farming uses points to compensate farming labor

Integrates With Pantrypoints City

Pantrypreneur Farm easiliy integrates with the Pantrypoints system

How it Works

Enter the details of your plots
Choose which seeds are available
Get estimates on yield, points-revenue, and costs in effort (via the Effort Theory of Value)

Based on the requirements in Ideal Farming

View the requirements

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