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Pantrypreneur @ OpenAI Hackathon

by Juan
December 14, 2023 1 minutes  • 128 words
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Juan attended the OpenAI Hackathon by Microsoft to try out ChatGPT4 for Pantrypreneur.

Open AI Hackathon

Pantrypreneur + ChatGPT4 on Azure

Pantrypreneur digitalizes the basic tasks done by micro and small businesses such as:

  • posting jobs and getting screening job applications
  • listing products and services for sale and then getting orders or questions
  • posting announcements

Those businesses told us that they still got a lot of spam messages. People would pose as customers just to try to sell insurance, loans, equipment, and other business services.

So we tried out ChatGPT4 to see if it could summarize those messages into 1 sentence, allowing the business owners or managers to ignore or delete them.

It worked well. However it would take time to set up, so we will leave it for next year.

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