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Superphysics @ Starlink Hackathon

by Jose M
November 19, 2023 1 minutes  • 116 words

We entered our MaHaRLiKa System in the Starlink Hackathon. It stands for Market Harvest Listing and Kapacity-Building.

Starlink Hackathon

We wanted to test-deploy the system next month in a tribe in Kalinga Province. Having a Starlink internet service would help immensely in our deployment.

Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to the semis, so we have to look for other satellite internet providers and pause the MaHaRLiKa System until we can get more support.

At the moment, we use DITO for our mobile data, since one of our members, Erick, works for DITO. We do hope that DITO will expand across the Philippines so that we can have more opportunities to test-deploy our system outside of the major cities.

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