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Pantrypoints @ Enhack 2023

by Juan
July 1, 2023 1 minutes  • 164 words

We pitched Pantrypoints Build and Rewards at Enhack 2023, as Static Sites and Rewards, respectively.

Enhack 2023 is a hackathon by Enstack, an ecommerce app based in the Philippines.

Enhack 2023

We used Canva to make the deck for the first time. Canva has a quirk that it doesn’t make links automatically. This prevented us from easily linking a demo of our online app during the pitch.

We didn’t win as they were looking for an AI product. We do have an AI solution for Ecommerce which we call ISAIAH. But we cannot pitch it to the public, and so we went for our advocacy for static sites instead. We could have pitched the reduction on carbon emissions that static sites create. However, the hackathon did not seem to give importance to sustainability.

Thanks to the hackathon, we were able to streamline our static site build process by populating the Pantrypoints app with a user’s product data via CSV files after that database has been deployed.

Enhack 2023
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