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March 22, 2022 1 minutes  • 194 words
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We joined Hack4Food to pitch Pantrypoints.


We didn’t win and so we decided to split our system into a Pantrypoints platform, and a private ERP-ish app called Pantrypreneur.

Unlike Pantrypoints that uses donation points, trade points, etc., Pantrypreneur only uses loyalty points. This manifests as a loyalty app or customer rewards system.

Ideally, our system should’ve been deployed by 2018 since our model predicted a stagflation starting in Q1 2019.

This came true as the Covid stagflation from Q4 2020 and the current Ukraine war. The pileup of problems of those 2 crises will naturally cause a debt crisis in a few years’ time.

By such a time, we hope to have many Pantrypreneur deployments so that they can form their own Pantrypoints network. This is a bottom-up approach instead of the top-down one that we started trying in 2015.

The strangest thing is that we seem to have better luck outside of the Philippines even if our solution is meant for disaster-prone countries like the Philippines.


Date .
July 7, 2022 We deployed loyalty points for a small business
June 1, 2023 The debt crisis turned out to be a banking crisis
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