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'Buying Power' @ Aboitiz Decode Hackathon

November 10, 2018 1 minutes  • 144 words
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We’re at the Decode Hackathon to pitch ‘Buying Power’.

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The Decode Hackathon is a hackathon hosted by the Aboitiz Group of Companies based in Taguig, Philippines. There are many challenges, ranging from feed optimization, smart grid, smart city, and transactions optimization.

We focused on the green energy challenge which allows business users to avail of green energy contracts under the Green Energy Options Program by the Philippine government. The problem really is that people are indifferent on where their electricity comes from. And so it would take effort to convince them to change their energy suppliers.

Buying Power will solve this by making the convincing less invasive by integrating it in a social ecommerce platform.


Date .
December 12, 2021 ‘Buying Power’ is now part of Pantry Govern
March 2023 Pantry Govern is now consolidated into Pantrypoints City with energy points as bardit
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