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April 22, 2022 1 minutes  • 134 words
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Pantrypoints and Pantrypreneur are the implementations of Supereconomics, which is a subset of Social Superphysics.

  • Pantrypoints is for society as an enterprise (Social Enterprise Resource Planning or SERP). This facilitates the common interest.
  • Pantrypreneur is for private business or enterprise (Micro-Small Enterprise Resource Planning or MERP). This facilitates the private or personal interest.

Tech development starts from Social Superphysics and moves ‘west’ towards Material Superphysics.

For example, Pantrypreneur Farm links the moneyless sale of agricultural products in Supereconomics with the proposed farming system called Maximized Farming of Agricultural Superphysics.

The Maximized Farming system will use sounds and IoT devices which are necessary for experiments under Material Superphysics.


ISAIAH stands for Impartial Spectator Automated Intelligence Aggregation Host. It will go through the data from the Superphysics implementations just like ChatGPT goes through the internet.

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