October 1, 2015

I decided to begin NARA or Non-Arbitrary Resource Allocation to implement my paper that predicts a coming crisis after the year 2018.

I’ve worked for web development companies, and I estimate that it will take 3 years to develop the NARA online economic system.


The paper itself began in 2012. I started exploring different web frameworks in 2014. I’ve tried:

  • PHP-Wordpress
  • Java-Spring MVC
  • Scala-Play
  • Groovy-Grails
  • Ruby-Sinatra
  • Python-Flask

So far, the winner seems to be Python Flask, especially since it can be easily deployed on Google App Engine. Ruby on Heroku and Grails on Foundry are also good. But Google, as a company, will last longer than the others and so it would be wiser to go with its system.