October 1, 2015 | by Juan

I decided to begin NARA or Non-Arbitrary Resource Allocation to implement my paper that predicts a coming crisis after the year 2018.

I’ve worked for web development companies, and I estimate that it will take 3 years to develop the NARA online economic system in time for that crisis.


The paper itself began in 2012. I started exploring different web frameworks in 2014. I’ve tried:

  • PHP-Wordpress
  • Java-Spring MVC
  • Scala-Play
  • Groovy-Grails
  • Ruby-Sinatra
  • Python-Flask

So far, the winner seems to be Python Flask, especially since it can be easily deployed on Google App Engine.

Ruby-on-Rails on Heroku and Groovy-on-Grails on Foundry are also good. But Google, as a company, will last longer than the others and so it would be wiser to go with its system.


  • Jan 2021: We swtiched to Elixir on Google Compute Platform after realizing it was much cheaper than AWS