Pantry City is the public, base platform for same-level points-transactions where each entity has an equal position, as customer-customer.

This is different from the other Pantry Platforms where transactions are of a hierachal-level such as boss-employee or customer-supplier.


Pantry City is for generating blue collar or freelance employment (giving and finding work) by facilitating a moneyless points system. This is because City facilitates same-level transactions.

White collar and regular jobs are facilitated by the private platforms Preneur, Health, and Learn.

Base Models

Name Context
Points Deals
Services Services
Meeded_Services Services
Products Items
Needed Products Items
Promos News


Each City can be deployed with add-ons:

Name Intent Audience
Circle Social action, social points, and circular economy poor areas
Govern Investment points an evolution of Circle


  • 2022-08: Moved Jobs and Registration model to Pantrypreneur

Tested Browsers:

Desktop Android
Chrome Chrome
Firefox Firefox
Vivaldi Samsung Internet