Pantrypoints Developer Docs Overview


This section is for documentation for the Superphysics development which has 3 layers, representing the vertical aspect:

  1. Community

    This is open source, for solo entrepreneurs or micro and small businesses, small communities, or personal research. It is meant for yourng people and those learning to code.

  2. Partners

    This is for serious businesses and supply chains. Is is meant for experienced developers.

  3. Main

    This is for the centralized aspects such as overall systems design.


Development is divided into 3 domains representing the horizontal aspect:

  1. Social Superphysics

    • Pantrypoints System
      • Public Platforms
        • City
          • Govern
          • Invest
          • Circle
        • World
        • Pantrylitics
      • Private Platforms
        • Pantrypreneur
          • Health
          • Educate
          • Farm
    • ISAIAH Analytics
      • Visuaization for Pantrylitics
      • Prediction
      • Matching

    The Pantrypoints system will have the following universal features:

    • Points-banking
    • Pointtax
    • Matching
    • Visualization
  2. Medical Superphysics

    • ISAIAH for Matching
  3. Material Superphysics

    • ISAIAH for gravitational signatures